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Tommi Coghill Thomas Coghill Jr

Thomas Coghill Jr. UltraTRX Electric Bikes, LLC

Tommi Coghill, owner of UltraTRX™ Electric Bikes, UltraTRX Bike Racing and Fat Tire Bike Parts, E-Bikes and Components has been designing and manufacturing bicycles since 2008.

As an avid bike rider and outdoors enthusiast, Coghill’s fat tire bicycles have been designed to handle any terrain from soft sand, to dirt trails, mountain trails and snow biking. Tommi insists on only using the top-of-the-line bike components, and in many cases has redesigned bicycle components because they weren’t up to his standards.

The UltraTrek Tomahawk, ultra light, 29er bicycle rims introduced by Tommi Coghill last year have literally reinvented the fat tire wheel system. The 29er wheel system used is comprised of a revolutionary patented design using either a 100 mm alloy rim or 90 mm carbon fiber rim with a re-designed cut out pattern that is not only lighter, but is completely symmetrical and balanced … something no other fat tire rim offers.

Tommi Coghill UltraTrek Electric BikesTommi Coghill used this design on a prototype of his soon to be introduced Tomahawk racing bike, which was ridden by Mike Unklesbay on Daytona Beach to set a Guinness World Records of the longest distance ridden in a 24 hour period. New World Record Set: 284 miles cycled in less than 24 hours!

The UltraTrek E-Grizzly and E-Cherokee Electric Bikes were introduced by Tommi Coghill in 2014 and boast a powerful front wheel electric bike, that can take a rider up stairs and over obstacles like no other electric bike can. In fact, by adding a little pedal power, this bike essentially becomes a 4 wheel drive bike.

Because of the stability of his fat tire bike, Coghill recently introduced an adjustable children’s bike that is one of the best bikes for a child to learn how to ride on for the first time. Since the bike basically balances on its own, and is designed for any terrain, a first time rider can learn to ride on sand or grass. That way if the child falls they will not get hurt like they would if they were learning to ride on pavement and will be more apt to get back on the bike.

Look forward to additional biking enhancements, as Coghill continues to take his degree in physics to perfect the bike riding experience for all ages.