I have always loved the beach and all the activities it has to offer. This fascination coupled with a physics degree has resulted in the production of several innovative beach products to make beach life easier.

Riding a traditional bike in soft sand is difficult. The thin bike tires limit you to riding near the water where the surface is harder, but the salt water and sand can damage your bike.

I wanted a bike that could easily ride on any terrain soft or hard. And I wanted to use quality parts and gears that can withstand the salt water and sand at the beach as well as any elements a cyclist would encounter.

First, I designed a unique patented fat tire that features a large center bead for riding on the road and nobbies on the outside for greater grip on grass and trail. This tire provides a comfortable and exciting ride on all terrains: from beach to mountain, trail to street, and even the snow!

What’s more is the 4.8″ fat tire acts as a shock absorber and is perfect for the extreme biking enthusiasts who wants to jump and bump!

I sought out only the best materials to use for my bikes to make sure they can hold up under all elements from the salt water at the beach to snow and dirt.

Recently I added an electric component to my bike design. Unlike other electric bikes, my e-bikes are front wheel drive creating a powerful electric bicycle that can climb stairs and go over most obstacles.

Available for purchase today!